808 Community Resources

Purpose: To improve ease of access to Hawaii’s local healthcare resources by organizing them in a single website. It is the Coalitions’ hope that this website will help providers and community partners meet the needs of Hawaii’s patients and caregivers during transitions of care.

Honolulu Community Coalition

Collaborating with Windward, West Oahu, Kauai and Maui Coalitions


An innovative network of diverse health care organizations and providers working collaboratively to improve access, quality and cost of transitional health care services to the people of Honolulu.


To provide a sustainable community coalition through a collaborative network of health care organizations to:

  • Improve the quality and efficiency of Honolulu’s health care system
  • Enhance the experience of the health care community
  • Strengthen Honolulu’s transitions of care across the continuum


Maggie Okey, Coalition Community Support: mokey@mpqhf.org

Mia Taylor, Honolulu Community Coalition Chair: htaylor@queens.org

Website-related issues - Jade Hinsdale: jhinsdale@queens.org